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Welcome to Cashin Chiropractic PC | What to Expect

Waiting Room

Cashin Chiropractic PC offers a warm and friendly experience

We’re so Happy to Have You, Let’s Get Started!

“Welcome! When you first visit us, be prepared for a crash course in chiropractic care.

At Cashin Chiropractic, we believe in educating our patients thoroughly before beginning care. This will help you understand where we come from how we plan to help you!”

“We suggest our new patients come in around five to 10 minutes prior to their appointments so that they can get all the necessary paperwork out of the way.” You can also download your health history form and bring it in with you.

Once paperwork is complete, Dr. Cashin will carry out a 30-45-minute consultation regarding your concerns and health goals.


“There are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic care, and we’re here to set them straight! Literally.”

Dr. Cashin ensures that he spends at least an hour with you during your first visit. He wants to understand your lifestyle and routines, as well as your commitment levels towards recovery. Why? Because chiropractic heals from within, it can take several treatments to notice the difference.

“Pain is the first thing to go away but your body will still need time to completely heal. We want you to remain hopeful and optimistic through this process! Trust us, the results are worth the wait!”

Thorough Exam and Consultation

Dr. Cashin will explain the human body and how your spine works. Then, we’ll do a postural exam. This will allow him gauge the way in which your body is compensating for your posture.

“I love to educate patients on the three stages of care, and provide information about what to expect.”
At this time if we feel necessary, we’ll loosen tension around your spine using a variety of techniques.

Have no Fear, Dr. Cashin is Here

“Your first few visits are important because we’re here to remove any fears or insecurities you might have about chiropractic care. Remember, our goal is to help you in the most comfortable, gentle way.”

You can expect to be in our Downtown Denver office for approximately 1 hour for the first visit.

“Questions about getting started? Concerns? Give us a call now and put your mind at ease. Let’s get you on the road to health! ”

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