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Have a look at what Downtown Denver chiropractic patients are saying about Cashin Chiropractic PC

Thank you for the pain relief

I’m very optimistic about my prognosis under the care of Dr. Cashin. I’ve been going to chiropractors for years and have never had everything so thoroughly and simply explained until Dr. Cashin took the time. Thank you for the pain relief and for giving me the knowledge and tools I need for a healthy future.

-  Joel

Positive Results

Dr. Cashin passion for helping people through chiropractic is obvious. He doesn’t just treat the symptoms, but seeks the root cause of the problem. I have been seeing other chiropractor’s for many years, but none have had such immediate and positive results. Dr. Cashin is a gifted healer, and I feel lucky to have found him.

-  Matt


What a hoot – talk about a knowledgeable guy! It’s like receiving an adjustment and an education, all in one. That fact that Dr. Zach can sense and walk me through my fears is appreciated, and his connection to the breath and spirit of one’s soul is essential for healing. My pain lessens, my brain expands, and my spirit leaves more joyful after a visit to Cashin Chiropractic.

-  Brenda

Dr. Zachary Cashin is here to help you!

Cashin Chiropractic is a professional, caring practice. He takes time to really listen to what’s going on and treats accordingly. The staff are friendly and outgoing. I had a subluxated vertebrae in my lower back that was pinching on a nerve. It was from an acute injury caused by lifting weights at the gym. They are friendly and knowledgeable and treat you like family. I highly recommend Cashin Chiropractic!

-  Heather

Visiting Cashin Chiropractic PC is like visiting friends!

I look forward to being taken care of by Dr. Cashin and Lisa. It’s like visiting friends. It IS visiting friends. My back pain was severe when I arrived; it’s gone now! Dr. Cashin takes the time to explain what is happening for the patient. It’s obvious he cares about his patients as people.

-  Alissa

The Best there is!

In a word or two- Life Changing!  I started seeing Dr. Cashin for a specific injury.  His treatment relieved other symptoms that had plagued me for years that I had learned to live with.  There is no “hocus-pocus”, Dr. Cashin carefully explains how your spine is intended to function, and the “why’s” of each step of the treatment.  I had suffered a compression fracture of my L1 vertebrae.  My general physician recommended 13 weeks of bed rest.  My wife had the wisdom to ask Dr. Cashin about this.  I began being carefully adjusted by Dr. Cashin, keeping my body limber and mobile.  Today, I have absolutely no pain or restricted motion! I shudder to think what long-term penalty I would have paid for 13 weeks of total inactivity.

-  Gary

My condition has improved leaps and bounds!

My experience at Cashin Chiropractic PC has been amazing.  Dr. Cashin and his staff are so professional and knowledgeable.  I always feel like they have my best interest in mind and go out of their way to accommodate my schedule.  My condition has improved by leaps and bounds since seeing Dr. Cashin.  My range of motion in my neck and shoulders have significantly improved.  I have less pain and feel so much better and happier.  I am totally in awe of Dr. Cashin’s knowledge and expertise.  I feel the same about his staff.

-  Diane

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