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Downtown Denver Orthotics at Cashin Chiropractic PC

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Live life in comfort!

Live Life in Comfort!

Are your feet killing you? Let us help!

According to Dr. Zachary Cashin, the foundation of one’s body starts with the feet…  and if the foundation is weak, then the entire body begins to crumble. This is why Dr. Cashin examines the feet first and then moves onto other body parts. This helps him narrow down on the problem area and the root cause for the pain.

Orthotics have proven to be extremely effective in helping not only with comfort, but with stability and alignment throughout the entire body! They have become extremely popular because they allow us to help guide or restrict the body’s movement, depending on the particular health concern.

How Do Orthotics Work?

The biomechanics around the foot, knee, ankle, and hip are complex in nature. This is why we believe that the best way to resolve an issue related to the spine is by mending the support that the feet get.

Over time, they may be effective in correcting the shape or posture of an individual’s body to resolve flawed posture and imbalance.

Who Can Benefit?

You don’t have to be in pain to benefit from orthotics! They have been used in a variety of cases, relating to weak limbs, arthritic conditions and other health conditions.

Orthotics are also commonly used to aid in the rehabilitation process of individuals who have suffered major fracturing as a result of injuries or accidents, athletes, or just anyone looking for good support!

Interested but still not sure if they’re right for you? Call us today and let’s setup a time to talk about it!

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