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Lisa Moore |  Downtown Denver Licensed Massage Therapist

Downtown Denver Licensed Massage Therapist, Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore, Licensed Massage Therapist

Lisa is Cashin Chiropractic PC’s Licensed Massage Therapist. She has a beautiful daughter who is currently in high school and enjoys spending time with her family. You can frequently find Lisa riding her bike to work, hiking around Denver, and weight lifting. She enjoys keeping a healthy and active life style.

Achieve your full potential with Massage Therapy

Lisa specializes in Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Trigger Point Therapy. Her passions include rehabilitating individuals who have suffered an auto accident and especially working with people who have chronic pain issues such as migraines, tingling in the fingers, and pain in the lower legs. Lisa graduated from the Center for Advanced Therapeutics 12 years ago, but has had a passion for massage therapy from a very young age. She was frequently massaging friends and family from around the age of ten and has carried her passion for helping people achieve pain relief through her career.

Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy

After graduating Massage school, Lisa underwent an additional 750 hrs of training in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapies in order to learn more about the body’s biomechanics and how to better treat chronic pain.

How’s your posture?

Caring for people with posture-related pain is another area of Lisa’s expertise. “When I see someone jogging, with one leg slightly turned out, all I can think is, I can help you with that!”. Proper posture is a very important part of having a healthy body and correcting postural distortions is one of Lisa’s many strengths. “I look forward to helping you on your journey to health and wellness.” Contact (303) 946-5884 to schedule a massage with Lisa Moore today!

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