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Friendly Downtown Denver Chiropractor, Dr. Zachary Cashin Is Here!

Dr. Cashin

Dr. Zachary Cashin, Downtown Denver Chiropractor

Mountaineering in Alaska for 30 Days? Bring it!

“I was an athletic man on a mission…. to Alaska.” A ski-mountaineering trip Dr. Cashin had been looking forward to and training for almost didn’t happen due to a skiing injury. But, thanks to a chiropractor in Boulder, he was able to heal and regain strength after just two short weeks of care and tackle Mount McKinley!

Searching for a Career To Be Excited About

“I was fascinated with nutrition, food allergies, and how holistic health heals. I just couldn’t find a college that was based on true nutrition. Then I came across a chiropractor out in California who explained to me that you can focus on nutrition and holistic healing through chiropractic care. It seemed so powerful to me!”

It clicked, he was sold, and he was excited! One year later Dr. Cashin went to Life Chiropractic College West, graduating in 1989.

“In 1992, I opened Cashin Chiropractic PC, becoming a devoted Downtown Denver chiropractor. Now with over two decades of experience, I’m still just as passionate about helping my patients today as the day I first opened my practice.”

Dr. Cashin making faces

Dr. Cashin and his wonderful sense of humor

The Call of the Wild

Dr. Cashin is married and has three beautiful children ages 16, 22 and 26. He’s also quite the outdoor sports enthusiast- still frequently enjoying skiing, cycling, yoga and scuba diving.

“I enjoy staying active, and encourage my patients to maintain healthy lifestyles along side of me.”

Eager to Help

“We look forward to meeting with you in person and learning how chiropractic can fit into your health care goals.”

Give our Downtown Denver chiropractic office a call and we can arrange a time to explore your options!

“Remember, the reason I’m here is to help you.”

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