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Acupuncture is a great way to achieve quick pain relief!

As an ideal adjunct to chiropractic care, we use acupuncture when we see patients in need of immediate pain relief.

We understand that pain is only a symptom of a more deep-rooted problem. We’ll find that problem and work to treat it! We’ve come across a number of patients looking for pain relief and been able to help. Dr. Cashin uses biomedical acupuncture with great success in pain management and relief.

What About the Needles?

The most common question we get is about the needles we use. Most people have encountered hypodermic needles and sewing needles. Both types are gigantic compared to the ones we use. In fact, five of our needles could easily fit inside a hypodermic needle!

Feels Great

When we first insert these ultra-fine, sterile needles at special energy points on your body, most people report a small prick, like a mosquito bite. When there is discomfort it is usually created by vivid imaginations, not our needles!

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